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Updated As Of December 2019

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Auto Loan Rates

Updated As Of December 2019

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Kredit Mobil Bukopin
IDR 30,000,000Down Payment
IDR 5,833,333 Installment
IDR 35,833,333
Kredit Mobil Bukopin
IDR 30,000,000Down Payment
IDR 5,833,333 Installment
IDR 35,833,333
KKB Astrido Finance
4.66 %Interest
IDR 30,000,000Down Payment
IDR 6,105,167 Installment
IDR 36,105,167
Mega OTO(Kredit Pemilikan Mobil)-Arrear
1.25 %Interest
IDR 30,000,000Down Payment
IDR 5,906,250 Installment
IDR 35,906,250
4.99 %Interest
IDR 30,000,000Down Payment
IDR 6,124,417 Installment
IDR 36,124,417
5 %Interest
IDR 30,000,000Down Payment
IDR 6,125,000 Installment
IDR 36,125,000
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Auto Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is vehicle loan at DuitPintar?

Vehicle loan at DuitPintar is a financing facility for vehicles, in which the debitors should repay during certain period of time. Both individuals and institutions can apply for vehicle loan with the vehicle document (BPKB) as a collateral.

2. Does DuitPintar provides the vehicles?

No, DuitPintar only helps you by providing information regarding vehicle loans that suit your needs. You can also apply for vehicle loan at DuitPintar for free. Your vehicle loan application will then be forwarded to financial institution that you chose for further process.

3. What type of vehicles are available?

Almost all vehicles in Indonesian market can be financed through vehicle loan scheme. You can also apply vehicle loan for both new and pre-owned vehicle. There are requirements for pre-owned vehicles in regard of type and age.

4. What are the requirements to apply for vehicle loan?

It is recommended that you meet these requirements:

  • Indonesian nationality and domiciled in Indonesia
  • Minimum age 21 years old and maximum 55 years old (by the end of the term)
  • Have a job and steady income Rp 2.5 million at the minimum (Jabodetabek)

5. How to apply for vehicle loan at DuitPintar?

You can apply for loan for new or pre-owned vehicles at DuitPintar. Most banks and financial institutions require minimum downpayment of 20% to 30% from the prevailing price, in accordance with the government law and policy.

You can also conduct simple simulation through our website. Choose the bank or financial institution that you desired and then input the vehicle price. Fill the next column with your desired period. The online calculator will show the result. You can choose the period between 1 to 5 years.

6. What are the required documents to apply vehicle loan?

Most vehicle loans required these documents:

  1. Copy of ID Card
  2. Application form
  3. Copy of Family Card
  4. Copy of marriage certificate
  5. Copy of taxpayer number (NPWP)
  6. Bank account saving statement within the past three (3) months
  7. Payslip within the past three (3) months
  8. Credit card statement within the past three (3) months (for credit card holders)

7. How much does it cost to apply for vehicle loan?

Applying for vehicle loan is free. Any applicable fees will be charged once the application has been approved and upon the vehicle delivery. The fees include:

  • Administration fee
  • First installment
  • Downpayment
  • Vehicle insurance

8. What are the advantages of getting vehicle loan?

There are benefits for customers including:

  • Safe and trustworthy loan facility
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Fast and easy process
  • Ownership status for individual and institution
  • Flexible installment
  • Vehicle insurance

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