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Best Travel Insurance in Indonesia 2019

We all need to be in a good condition when travelling, either for holidays or work. But what if the unexpected such as illnesses, injuries, or any other misfortunes occur during your trip? Travel insurance presents to be the right solution to protect you and your loved ones at home, throughout your journey.

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Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question below, you may Ask MoneySmart.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question below, you may Ask DuitPintar.

What is Travel Insurance and how does it help me?

Travel insurance helps protect you from risks while you are travelling overseas. Travel insurance includes Personal Accident Coverage, Medical Coverage. Travel Inconvenience as well as Theft and Loss of Baggage.

If you are travelling overseas you should definitely get a travel insurance plan as it’s relatively cheap and can protect you from unnecessary cost and risk.

What's the difference between Single Trip or Annual Travel Insurance?

When you buy travel insurance you can choose from 2 types of policies. Single Trip and Annual Cover.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance covers you for a single trip that originates and ends in Indonesia.
  • Annual Travel Insurance covers you for all trips starting and ending in Indonesia and overseas. Each trip generally should be for less than 180 days.

Are Family Travel Insurance Plans Cheaper?

Most insurers offer cheaper premium rates if you purchase your Travel Insurance as a Family.

Can I buy Travel Insurance once I’m overseas?

No. Travel insurance has to be purchased before your trip commences. If you buy travel insurance after your trip commences and you try and make a claim, your insurer may not honour your claim.

You should buy your travel insurance after you’ve booked your tickets as travel insurance also protects you from trip cancellation.

How do I compare travel insurance policies?

Travel insurance is relatively simple insurance product. All travel insurance policies will cover you for personal accident, medical and travel inconvenience. However, if you intend to rent a car or participate in underwater sports like snorkeling or diving, you might want to get a travel insurance policy that provides those additional features.

Compare Travel Insurance Plans on MoneySmart and find the one with the best price and coverage level for you!

Is there an age limit to buy a domestic travel insurance?

To be the Primary Policyholder, you must be between 17-70 years old.

For children the minimum/maximum ages are 1-18 years old.

To be an Additional Insured you must be between 0-69 years old.

Can foreigners purchase a domestic travel insurance?

Foreigners with a stay permit can purchase a domestic travel insurance.

What if I travel to multiple countries/cities in 1 trip?

Usually the insurance company doesn't limit the number of countries/cities visited by the insured in 1 trip, as long as the countries/cities have been mentioned in the application form upon the purchase of the insurance.

Would the insurance company cover land and sea trips during a domestic trip?

The insured must travel with a scheduled commercial airline to get to the city/country of destination and to return back to Indonesia/city of origin. Chartered airplanes are not covered.

However, some insurance companies do cover the insured in the country/city of destination while using a land/sea transportation.

For example: Mr. A flies out to Denpasar from Jakarta. While in Bali, the insured also does some road trips and cross to Lombok with a ferry. After a few days in Bali & Lombok, the insured returns back to Jakarta with an airplane.

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